Keeper Simon settles in


Meet Simon Moore, DZG’s newest Senior Keeper.

Simon, aged 25, joins our Upper Primates team from Africa Alive! in Suffolk and is starting his duties in the Reptile House where he’s helping new arrivals, including a Madagascan tree boa and two Nile monitors settle in.

Simon said: “I worked with carnivores in my last position, so it’s been quite a challenge moving into this role, but it’s great fun.”

From reptiles Simon will move on to Primates where he will work with our four Bornean orangs.

He added: “I’m looking forward to working with the orangs, although Benji took an instant dislike to me when we were introduced – I’ve since been told it’s because he prefers females, so I think I’ll have my work cut out with him!”

Curator Matt Lewis, said: “Simon has settled in quickly and is already sharing his experience from previous collections with the DZG team.”