Karen becomes a zoo keeper!

There’s nothing Karen Edwards loves more than a trip to DZG with her camera at the ready.



But her recent visit was more magical than most when she went behind the scenes of her favourite attraction to become a zoo keeper for the day.

Karen took part in the experience as part of celebrations to mark her 50th birthday, and loved every second of it!


During her day as a zoo keeper she fed our flamingoes, Rothschild’s giraffe Mia, Humboldt penguins, snow leopards and stunning Sumatran tiger Daseep, as well as giving water to our Bornean orang utan Jazz.

Karen, from West Bromwich, said: “It was wonderful. I came away with a head full of knowledge.

“I have been a member of DZG for a couple of years and visit at least once a week.

“Since I have been back following my experience it has been really interesting walking around because I have remembered all these little facts that I picked up during my day as a zoo keeper.

“I asked people to give me the money for my 50th birthday so I could be a zoo keeper for the day and it was just fantastic.”

Karen, whose beautiful photograph of red panda, Yasmin features in DZG’s 2015 calendar, added: “It is hard to pick the best moment, but it was probably between the orangs and feeding Daseep because they are my favourites.

“I just couldn’t fault the day, it was a fantastic experience. I would definitely do it again, maybe on another special occasion.

“I was there from 10am to 4pm but it went so quickly because I did so much.

“It really makes you appreciate just how much the zoo keepers do and how knowledgeable they are.”