Justgiving thanks

The past 12 months has been one of the hardest in DZC’s 84-year history.

Having to endure three lockdowns, with zero income combined with continued animal care costs meant we were reaching crisis point.

But we’ve been overwhelmed by the support we’ve received from visitors.

You will never know how grateful we are for your many messages of encouragement, the fundraising activities organised and continued donations to our Justgiving page, which can be found HERE.

To date we’ve raised just over £50,000 which has provided a much-needed lifeline at a time we most needed it.

And this is what it’s gone towards…
  • £1,200 has enabled us to feed and care for our Humboldt penguins for one month.
  • £1 covers the upkeep and care of one lemur
  • £20 feeds a sloth for one week
  • £100 covers the care of our Asiatic lions for one week
  • £15 enables us to feed our giraffes for one day
  • £250 covers the cost of a week’s portion of fish for our sea lions.

This #LoveYourZooWeek we’re saying THANK YOU!