Just being neighbourly!

Eurasian lynx Chloe and Carpathian lynx Daisy and Dave have taken the next steps towards meeting each other.

Big cat keepers are carrying out a lengthy process of introducing Chloe with the two newest arrivals.

The trio, who are currently in neighbouring enclosures, have already been able to peek at each other after keepers slightly raised the entry door between them.


But now the door is fully open, enabling Chloe to access the internal den and see her new neighbours close up.

Team Leader, Jay Haywood, said: “This is the first time they have actually been so close to each other, but they are still separated by a wire mesh fence.

“We are going to replace a section of the heavy-duty mesh with a finer one, which will enable them to get even closer contact, as they will be able to touch noses through the wire.

“A gradual introduction gives us a longer period to monitor their behaviour. Happily, at the moment, things are going really well.”

It is hoped Chloe will be able to move back into her former enclosure with Daisy and Dave, who moved to DZG as part of a European breeding programme.