Josie’s hardworking visitor

Giraffe Josie came face-to-face with a fellow 10-year-old who was able to adopt her after earning money through household chores.

Ten-year-old Hortense Harvey used money she received from her parents for doing tasks, such as picking up leaves from the garden, to buy the adoption pack and has just visited Dudley Zoo to see her favourite creature.

The youngster, from London, also sent a birthday card when her adopted animal turned 10 last month with a beautiful drawing of Josie inside.

Hortense said: “I just love giraffes and find them fascinating because they’re so tall and have beautiful, long necks. It’s been really special getting so close to Josie and I’ll come back and visit her as soon as I can.”

The young animal lover came on site with her grandparents and auntie from Kingswinford, her 11-year-old brother Oscar and her cousins Mya, aged 10, and Thomas, seven.

Nan Gill Harvey said: “Hortense was so excited about visiting Josie she couldn’t sleep. It’s been wonderful seeing the children have such an amazing experience and we really enjoy bringing them to Dudley Zoo three or four times a year.”

Thanks for being a great DZG supporter, Hortense!