Josie hits double digits!

Dudley Zoo’s female giraffe Josie received a special birthday greeting today from a fellow 10-year-old who adopts her.

Adopter Hortense from London sent a birthday card for Josie’s 10th birthday which was beautifully illustrated with a sketch of her favourite giraffe.

The card wished Josie the best day ever and Hortense also sent her a Christmas card.

Giraffe Keeper Sally Sheridan said: “So much effort had gone into the cards that we made sure we delivered them to the birthday girl in her paddock.

“She came over to have a very close look at the lovely artwork and was given some tasty leaves as a treat.”

The young animal lover’s dad Andrew said: “Hortense wanted to wish Josie a very special birthday now that her adopted giraffe is the same age as her. It’s so lovely of the zoo to take the trouble to pass on her cards.”

Visitors can discover more about the vulnerable species during the daily 12.45pm giraffe talk and can wish Josie many happy returns in person if they’re on site today.