Joao’s perfumed present!

We hope you all had a great Christmas Day yesterday and are enjoying playing with those new toys and pressies.

Our handsome four year-old Sumatran tiger, Joao loved his gift from Daseep – a bottle of his favourite aftershave – which big cat keeper Sarah Evans sprayed all over the climbing frame for him to hunt out – and as the video below shows, he went wild for the heady scent!

Sarah said: “We regularly use strong smells, including perfume, aftershaves and food spices as enrichment for our big cats which encourages their natural hunting, tracking and foraging behaviour.

“Daseep’s gift was a huge hit with Joao, who immediately picked up on the scent as soon as he arrived outside and began licking the frame and rubbing the aftershave all over himself.”

It’s back to business here at DZG today, as we only close on December 25, so if you’re visiting us today, pop by the tiger Tecton and take a sniff of our boy, who’s sure to be smelling really grrrr-eat!

Watch Joao in action below…

 And Daseep wasn’t left out after her adopter, Christine Clive, once again delivered gifts for the big cat, with a personalised stocking bursting full of goodies.

Sarah added: “Christine always thinks about her adopted DZG animals at Christmas, which includes Charlie the blue and gold macaw in the Discovery Centre and delivered them both gifts to enjoy.

“In Daseep’s named stocking there was perfume, natural catnip spray and a generous donation, which we’ll spend on further enrichment items for our Sumatran tigers.”

Meanwhile Charlie received a personalised box, bags of her favourite nutty treats and another generous donation which education staff will be spending on parrot toys from our Amazon Wishlist!”

Many thanks, Christine, on behalf of Daseep and Charlie!