Jill’s put to the test!

DZG’s raven, Jill, was put to the test when she received her daily treats in a kong.

Bird keepers stuffed the plastic pink toy with chunks of beef, which they left in the enclosure for the playful nine-year-old bird to discover.

Trainee Keeper, Jess Jones, said: “Jill loved the kong.

“She has a very inquisitive nature, so began tapping it around the floor straight away.

“Ravens are known for their intelligence so it didn’t take her long to work out how to get the food from inside.”

The kong, off the zoo’s Amazon Wishlist, is just one of the regular items keepers use for enrichment with our animals to stimulate natural behaviours.

In the wild, ravens are opportunistic foragers, typically feeding off decaying flesh, rodents and eggs.

Jill, who has been at DZG since she was 10 months old, has been hand-reared after being abandoned as a chick. She therefore lacks the skills to be able to survive in the wild.

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Watch Jill in action in the short clip below…