Jet ready for grotto take off!

Reindeer Jet is all fired up for her festive role of greeting young visitors to our magical Winter Wonderland grotto.

It’s exactly a month until Christmas Day and Jet is one of our reindeer herd who has been learning the ropes so keepers can walk her up to the grotto to meet our special visitors between December 1 and Christmas Eve.

Keeper Ellis Robinson has been putting Jet and our other nine reindeer girls through their paces, getting them used to their halters and harnesses as well as familiarising them with the route from their enclosure to the cobbled castle courtyard.

Each day a few members of the herd will be led up to the 11th century castle courtyard where youngsters coming to see Father Christmas can visit them.

Ellis said: “We started our training with the reindeer in September and they are now ready and raring to go.

“Our reindeer are always really popular with grotto visitors and we’ll be making sure we give them lots of treats and plenty of rest so they are all set for their busiest night of the year.”

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