Jet for short!

Our big cat keepers are getting much more familiar with our male lion Jetpur – so much so they’ve started calling him Jet for short!


ABOVE – Magnificent Jet is getting on grrreat with our two lionesses and enjoying life at Dudley Zoo

The new nickname has been given to the handsome 12-year-old Asiatic lion Jetpur who is settling in well since returning to his Dudley birthplace at the end of October.

Section Leader Jay Haywood said: “We are getting to know his character more and more every day and we’ve started calling him Jet for short.

“He has been getting on very well with the girls Asha and Kyra and they have been mating which is wonderful.

“Jet has really got to grips with his Dudley routine now and knows when it’s feeding time and when to come inside.

“He is very laid back but stubborn as well and does what he wants to do. He’s not at all the same character as his dad Max, who could be quite feisty. Jet is very relaxed and is right at home here.”


ABOVE – Stunning trio… The pride of DZG. Thanks to Phil Collett for this wonderful shot

And Jet was taking things easy when Santa stopped by to remind everyone there’s only two more sleeps until Christmas.


Jetpur was one of triplets born at DZG to mum Gir and dad Max on 6 July 2003 and moved to Mulhouse Zoo on 16 June 2005.

He left to form a breeding pair with lioness Sita in France and together they have produced a total of 10 beautiful cubs as part of an international breeding programme.

Fingers crossed we go on to have some new arrivals in 2016!