Jazz is 25 today!

dzg-jazz-with-presentWe’re wishing a very Happy Birthday to Bornean orangutan, Jazz, who’s 25 today!

The birthday girl discovered a pile of wrapped goodies out on her climbing frame this morning, which contained some of her favourite treats.

Senior Keeper Jodie Dryden, said: “Jazz spotted the colourful gifts as soon as she came out and made a beeline for them before taking them off to the otherside of the enclosure, where she ripped open the paper and ate the tasty treats inside before Sprout even had a look in.”

And her milestone celebrations are set to continue later today, as keepers have also whipped up a primate friendly cake for the great ape group to share later this afternoon.

Make sure you wish Jazz many happy returns if you’re on site today!

And check out the ZooNooz next week when we reveal how our orangutans have become calendar stars!