Jasper’s got visitors

News of Jasper, our new baby red panda, is spreading around the zoo.


Jasper recently emerged from his nesting box, where he has remained hidden from sight since being born to mum, Yasmin and dad, Yang, three months ago.


And our five inquisitive peafowl, who roam freely around the zoo and castle grounds, decided to drop by for a visit to try to catch a closer glimpse of the youngster as they perched themselves on the paddock’s climbing frame to wait to say hello.


You here to see me? Baby red panda Jasper greets his feathered guests.

And he’s very noisy . . .

Jasper is gaining more and more confidence each day as he begins to explore his new surroundings.

The three month-old youngster has started climbing the tall trees in the paddock, and although it is quite easy for him to climb to the very top, he finds it a bit tricky to get down again, so has taken to squealing at the top of his voice for help!

Keeper, Laura Robbins, said: “He climbs right to the top and then can’t get down so he just sits there and squeals for Yasmin.

“His squeal is really loud and high pitched. We’ve never heard a baby panda be as vocal as he is and we wondered what the noise was at first.

“But he does eventually come down on his own when he realises no-one is going to go up there to get him.”