James loved tickling tapirs!

Getting the opportunity to tickle the tummy of a Brazilian tapir was the highlight of the day for one 11-year-old Little Zoo Keeper.


James Shieber, from Telford, spent the day as a DZG keeper, where he went behind the scenes to help feed and muck out the animals on the farm, as well as feeding sprats to the Humboldt penguins before stopping by for a tapir tickling session in the South American paddock.

James, said: “I loved the tickle the tapirs experience, they were so big, but so cuddly.

“The zoo keeper said when we stroked them our hand would turn a silver colour and it did and the one tapir really loved the cuddles and rolled over partly on to my foot. It was awesome!

“I would like to work with animals when I am older, so this was an amazing day. Thank You!”

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