Jade tunes up for a Xmas special

New recruit, trainee keeper, Jade Reddall, is in tune with her former career as she serenades a group of rare primates with seasonal favourites.


Former professional singer Jade gave up peforming gigs across the country to follow her dream of becoming a zoo keeper, but loves to sing to small primates in Monkey Tails where the 23-year-old, from Kidderminster, is based.

Jade said: “I have always loved singing, right from when I was a little girl and I also adore animals. 

“I left school at 16 and had my very first paid gig the next day, performing around four gigs every month, I even auditioned for BBC’s Over The Rainbow.

“When I turned 21 I decided I really wanted to be a zoo keeper so juggled studying and singing for a while until I gained my qualifications and secured an apprencticeship at DZG.”

After completing her Animal Management studies at Rodbaston College, in Staffordshire, Jade is now working with endangered chimpanzees, spider monkeys, Gelada baboons, squirrel monkeys and Saki monkeys on DZG’s Lower Primates Section.

Jade added: “I did enjoy singing and sometimes miss it, but I really love my job as a trainee keeper. 

“I have the best of both worlds; I get the opportunity to work with amazing species every day and share some of my favourite songs with them, and I have to say they’re the best audience I’ve ever had!”

CEO Peter Suddock said: “Jade is very modest but has a naturally beautiful voice, and it’s something very few members of staff knew about until they saw the video and then everyone was bowled over by her singing.”

Here’s Jade’s video