It’s zookeepers’ day!

Today is International Zookeeper Day and we’re going wild for zookeepers around the globe and our very own here at DZG.

We have 34 dedicated zookeepers – aged 18 to 51 – who work on a full and part-time basis and love what they do looking after our collection of amazing animals.

International Zookeeper Day was first celebrated on October 4, 2015 when the International Congress of Zookeepers declared it an annual event in recognition of the valuable contribution zookeepers make to the care and conservation of exotic animals.

DZG’s Zoo Director Derek Grove said: “Most people find zookeeping is a vocation rather than a job. These people devote their lives to saving endangered species through conservation, education and research.

“At Dudley we have a committed team who look after our animals in all weathers and they work hard to provide stimulating enrichment activities for the creatures in their care.

“We have a wealth of keeping experience here at Dudley but we’re also able offer keepers some flexibility too, so we can give people opportunity to continue their careers at the same time as bringing up a family.”

Congrats Keepers – it’s your day!