It’s not a hat!

Look at my new headgear – quite a fascinator, I’m sure you’ll all agree!

dzg_tallulah_headressExcept it’s not quite what it seems, just me tucking into a tasty bamboo shoot that happened to be in my path as I walked across the South American paddock this morning.

The food’s quite good here; our team of gardeners grow lots of bamboo across the site so we’ve always got a snack for when we get peckish.

It’s not just us tapirs who gets homegrown goodies, those cheeky red pandas share our bamboo, giraffes get their favourite ash branches and a few nettles and tortoises are treated to a dandelion or two if they’re well behaved.

You can’t beat stuff grown in your own garden!

See you soon,

Tallulah (aged 19 months today!!)