It’s Live N Deadly from Dudley Zoo!

A new live children’s BBC television series has been launched at DZG.

Live N Deadly, a Saturday morning live wildlife and adventure roadshow for children saw Image previewintrepid presenter Steve Backshall make a grand entrance abseiling down the 11th century Dudley Castle into the courtyard to face a series of DZG animal encounters.

He got up close and personal with a Burmese python and handled baby meerkats, while co presenter Naomi Wilkinson revealed the sinister deadly side to these cute-looking creatures and demonstrated an African spotted eagle owl’s eerily silent wings.

DZG staff taking part included Head of Reptiles Graham Chilton, Deputy Curator Richard Brown,Senior Presenter David Riley and Presenter Kellie Piper.

The series, which made its debut at DZG, will see the Live N Deadly roadshow travelling across the UK to transmit an hour’s live show on to BBC 2 and CBBC.

The show’s aim is to encourage the whole family and people of all ages to get outdoor more and do more activities which are on their doorsteps.

A Live N Deadly spokesman said: “It is a long time since the BBC has commissioned a live series for children on this scale, and with the added attractions of a live roadshow, purpose built interactive website and Deadly Days Out – events across the country where our audience can come and find out more about the UK’s amazing wildlife – plus an exciting blend of high octane adventure and fantastic animal stories we are expecting the series to have a broad appeal.”

DZG Chief Executive Peter Suddock said: “It is a coup to be selected as part of this amazing series of wildlife adventure programmes, and we thoroughly enjoyed seeing the programme being put together.”

“The series is a great way of introducing people of all ages to the wonderful and exciting world of wildlife.”

CAPTION: The Live N Deadly team-mates join Dudley Zoo crew.