It’s dinner day!

Yesss! It’s Monday, which means one thing – it’s dinner day!!

lizard-webI’m Shango, DZG’s white-throated monitor lizard and I share my Monkey Tails enclosure with a mere youngster called Monty.

We eat on Mondays and Fridays, so today we are both looking forward to munching on a couple of chicks and mice apiece.

However, as Monty is so young – he’s just three while I am a very grown up 11 – he has to eat on Wednesdays, too.

But don’t worry about me, my favourite keepers always manage to sneak me a bit of fish or a few snails as a treat so Monty doesn’t have to dine alone.

CAPTION: Dinner date: for white-throated monitor lizard, Shango.