It’s Christmas!

A very Merry Christmas from all at DZG!

Creatures great and small discovered gifts galore this morning – including nine week-old gelada baboon, Gimbi, who experienced his first ever visit from Santa overnight.

Our baboon troop couldn’t wait to unwrap a giant cracker left out on their hillside enclosure, which contained some of their favourite treats, with dad, Ebano taking the lead on the present opening.

Once he’d ripped all the paper off and got to the goodies inside, which he dished out to the rest of the group,  youngsters Billie and Ambo had great fun rolling the large cardboard tube down the hillside!

Today’s the only day DZG shuts to the public, but it’s business as usual for the site’s rare and exotic animals, who all need to be fed, watered and cleaned.

Media and Communications Officer, Rachel Hickman, said: “Christmas Day is quite a special day, as it’s the only day of the year that our keepers get to spend alone with their animals.

“Staff share duties over the holiday period, but it’s not uncommon to find those not working popping on site with a few treats of their own for their favourite charges.”

We hope Father Christmas has visited your house overnight – have a great day!