It’s a boy!

Keepers have discovered our newest gelada baboon is another boy!


And the youngster, who was born on October 19, to mum, Jimma and dad, Ebano, has been named ‘Gimbi’.

Keeper Jade Reddall, who picked the moniker, said: “Gimbi is a town in Western Ethiopia, which is where the species are from in the wild and as his mum’s name is also an Ethiopian city, I thought it would be ideal and it really suits him!”

baby gelada

The latest addition is the third boy to be born into the troop, following two year-olds Billie and Ambo and is already coming on leaps and bounds.

Jade added: “Gimbi’s come on such a lot in four weeks. He’s really alert and inquisitive and although mum is still keeping him close to her, he is now starting to come off her and explore his surroundings for himself for brief periods and he was particularly intrigued with the enrichment plastic balls I added into their indoor den – it was lovely watching him play, although he’ll be tearing about the hillside enclosure with his brothers in no time.”

Watch Gimbi discover his enrichment ball, in this fab footage below, captured by Jade!