It’s a baby boy!

Primate keepers have managed to catch up with our ring-tailed lemur baby and guess what – it’s a boy!

sheldonThe youngster, who has been named Sheldon, is the offspring of mum, Phoebe and dad, Frank.

The lively lemur is now leaving mum’s side to explore his Primate House enclosure and loves bouncing from branch to branch and playing with big sister, Freya.

When he is old enough, Sheldon will leave Phoebe and Freya and the Primate House and join the rest of the boys in Lemur Wood.


* Ring-tailed lemur, Freya, is on the road to recovery after breaking her leg.

Trainee keeper, Shaun Crompton, said: “Freya tried to climb on Phoebe’s back like baby Sheldon does, but Phoebe pushed her off as she is too big to do that now, but she lost her footing and unfortunately broke her leg.

“It has now been pinned and she is making a really good recovery.”

Freya is recuperating in the recovery pen, near to Phoebe and Sheldon’s enclosure in the Primate House and will be reunited with her family as soon as possible.

Shaun added: “Phoebe and Freya are calling out to each other, which is a really good sign that they will soon be able to be reintroduced.”