Itching to scratch!

Bactrian camel Charles was simply itching to use a new scratching post added his indoor enclosure.


The innovative post – made of soft bristle brush heads mounted on a wooden board – was built and put up by DZG volunteer carpenters Geoff Benbow, pictured above, and Rob Jurczenko.

Senior Keeper Lesley Lewis had asked the two handymen to replace the old scratch post in the enclosure Charles shares with female camel Jimandi after it became too worn.

She said: “Jimandi has made good use of the old brushes and has almost fully moulted out, but Charles still has a lot of hair to lose and these new brushes will certainly help.”


ABOVE: Before and after… DZG Senior Keeper Lesley Lewis shows how Charles still has plenty of hair to shed but Jimandi, on the left, has brushed out most of her hair

And Charles seemed very impressed with the new installation! He made a bee-line for the wall-mounted post and started scratching away immediately.

The fascinating moment was caught on video by Senior Keeper Kirtsy Thornton, who said Charles was in his element.

She said: “Charles just went straight for the brushes and started having a good old scratch.

“The scratching post will relieve any itchiness the camels have as they moult and will help remove the loose hair.”

Volunteer carpenters Geoff and Rob also plan on putting more brush heads on a board in the outdoor enclosure soon, so visitors will be able to see Charles and Jimandi scratching away.

See the moment Charles made a dash for the new scratching post in our video below