Introducing Chops!

Our latest little yellow-breasted capuchin has been named Chops – because of its perfect pout.

Keepers had intended to wait until the baby was sexed before coming up with a name but said they plumped for Chops as its mouth was always scrunched up.


PICTURES – Thanks to member Karen Edwards for the gorgeous shots of Chops

webnewcapuchinkedwards_0Upper Primates Section Leader Pat Stevens said: “The youngster has a proper little pout at the moment so we couldn’t resist calling it Chops.

“The baby is still clinging to mum Holly so we don’t know if it’s a boy or girl but it’s doing really well.

“It’s half-brother Doyle has come off his mum Dinya and has started to sample solid food.”

The two youngsters share a dad, Willow. Chops was born on August 3 and Doyle on June 25th.

Drop by to say hi to Chops when you’re next on site!