International Red Panda Day

Our red pandas, Yasmin and Yang, are two of the most popular animals here at DZG and with their cute and fluffy appearance, it’s not difficult to see why! 

So come and join us today to celebrate International Red Panda Day and find out more about the secretive species, which is also known as the fire fox. 


There will be lots going on, including red panda mask making and an all you need to know information board in the Discovery Centre, specifically about the vulnerable species, which is facing ongoing threats in the wild through bamboo tree habitat destruction.

Visitors are also welcome to attend feeding time at the enclosure at 2.15pm, when keepers will be delivering Yasmin and Yang’s favourite treats of bamboo sticks and lashings of panda cake – a special mix of crushed insects and leaves.


Assistant Curator, Richard Brown, said: “Yasmin and Yang are very popular with visitors who love their rich red teddy bear like appearance, although the species is more closely related to raccoons and weasels than pandas as their name suggests.

dzg_panda_day_1_web“Red pandas spend most of their day curled up asleep in the tree tops, so if you can’t spot them out and about, then make sure you look up into the trees. You can also try and spot them on the red panda viewing platform adjacent to the Small Primate House.

“If you’re visiting DZG over the weekend then make sure you stop by the Discovery Centre, where little ones can make their own red panda masks, while big ones can find out lots more about this fascinating creature.” 


DZG volunteers prepare the red panda display board in the Discovery Centre.