International Orang utan Day

It’s International Orang utan Day – join our Presenter’s talk at 1.15pm when she’ll be introducing Benji, Jorong, Jazz and Sprout, and explaining the major threats facing these endangered great apes in the wild, including poaching, forest fires, logging and habitat destruction.

This summer DZG donated £500 to support orangs on the Indonesian island of Sumatra.


And with experts predicting possible extinction for wild orangs in the next 20 years they need your help NOW.


DZG’s aid for Orang utans in the wild

Our donation followed the success of Spotlight Sumatra – a Central London exhibition which featured a striking image of DZG’s Sumatran tigress, Daseep – and was handed over to organisers, SOS (Sumatran Orang utan Society).   DZG CEO Peter Suddock said: “We hold Bornean orangs within DZG’s collection, which, while not so endangered as their Sumatran cousins, are still a species in decline and could one day be facing the same fate unless more responsible actions are promoted.”   dzg_orang_sprout_5_sq_web

DZG CEO Peter Suddock and Head of Media and Communications, Jill Hitchman, hand over the £500 cheque to SOS Trustee, Gary Mitchell.

Discover all about the aims of the awareness day and the plights facing orangs in the wild in the video below – where DZG’s Upper Primates keepers also reveal a few personality traits of our four Borneans…