Wolverines are powerful, fierce creatures that live in remote and rugged mountain terrain across North America and Eurasia. Although they are often called ‘skunk bears’ due to their foul smell and bear-like features they are actually the largest member of the weasel family (Mustelidae). Wolverines are great climbers and can often be seen resting in […]

Wallaby (Bennetts)

Common to Australia and Tasmania, Bennett’s wallabies are primarily a grazer which feed on mostly grasses. Unfortunately, this is their downfall, as farmers often hunt the wallabies as they see them as a threat to their farmland, intended for farm animals to graze upon. They also eat broad-leafed plants and herbs. Reproduction occurs year-round, although […]

Wallaby (Parma)

Parma wallabies originate from the forests of New South Wales, which is in the south east corner of Australia, and are also known as white-throated wallabies Wallabies are mainly nocturnal, coming out in the late afternoon to graze on reedy grasses, herbaceous plants and shoots of young plants and remaining active until early morning. During […]