Tortoise (Pancake)

The pancake tortoise has an unusually thin, flat and flexible shell helping to make them the fastest tortoise. The shell actually has many holes in it to make it lightweight and agile. Instead of using in its shell for protection, the pancake tortoise is able to flee and crawls into narrow rock crevices. Pancake tortoises […]

Tamarin (Cotton Top)

Cotton-top tamarins are mainly active during the day and live high up in the trees. They feed mainly on fruit, insects, vegetation, small mammals, and small bird eggs. To get the water they need they lick leaves that are wet with rain or dew They are highly social monkeys and tend to live in groups. […]

Turtle (Coahuilan Box)

The Coahuilan box turtle is a small aquatic species of box turtle which lives in permanent and seasonal ponds and wetlands in Mexico. It is mostly omnivorous, mainly feeding on plants and insects. When not foraging, it buries itself in the mud of nearby water bodies to hide or keep their body temperature stable. The […]

Teal (Cinnamon)

A relatively small duck with sizeable head and rather long bill, longer than Blue-winged Teal’s but shorter than Northern Shoveler’s. Breeding male has red eye, long dark bill, and mostly vivid rusty plumage, with brownish back, white under wing. Female, immature, and non-breeding males are mostly rich brownish overall. All adults have sky-blue patch in […]

Turtle (Giant Asian Pond)

The giant Asian pond turtle is one of the largest hard-shelled, semi-aquatic Asian turtles, which inhabits standing water bodies such as ponds and lakes in freshwater swamp forest. It is often found basking in the shallows at the water’s edge. When out on land it lives in the shade and cover of vegetation only occasionally […]

Turaco (Violet)

Violet turacos are also known as violaceous turacos or violet plantain-eaters. Their plumage is a glossy violet colour, except for their thick orange bill, yellow forehead and crimson crown. The main flight feathers on the wings are also crimson in colour. Despite these bright colours the birds are often quite indistinguishable in the dense canopy […]

Tortoise ( African Spurred Tortoise)

The African spurred tortoise – not to be confused with the spur-thighed – is the third largest species of tortoise and is beaten only by the giant tortoises of Aldabra and Galapagos. The African spurred tortoise is found living along the southern fringes of the Sahara desert living in the actual desert fringes or the […]

Tapir (Brazilian)

At DZC we have Brazilian or South American Tapirs, one of four species found around the world; three in central and south America and one in Asia. Tapirs are large browsing mammals, closely related to horses and rhinoceroses (odd toed ungulates, hoofed animals). They are similar in shape to a pig, with a short, prehensile […]

Teal (Ringed)

The ringed teal is a member of the wood duck group and is found in swampy tropical forests, marshy clearings in well-wooded lowlands, secluded pools and small streams. It nests in tree holes and cavities. By habit the ringed teal is a surface-feeding, or dabbling, duck which feeds on submerged bottom plants by up-ending. After […]