Pheasant (Palawan Peacock)

The Palawan peacock pheasant is a medium-sized pheasant, endemic to only one island in the Philippines. Their diet consists of a variety of seeds, grains, nuts, fruit, leaves, roots, slugs, worms and insects. Just like peacocks, they are sexually dimorphic. Males have a long and pointed metallic blue crest and tail feathers with ocelli (markings […]

Partridge (Collared Hill)

The collared hill partridge is found in the undergrowth during the day and at night they roost in trees. They a have diet of small insects, berries and seeds. The territorial call is a repeated whistle that are mostly heard in the early morning and evening. Breeding season ranges from April to May, after which […]

Peccary (White-lipped)

The white-lipped peccary is omnivorous, feeding on fruit, nuts, invertebrates and sometimes fish. They prefer to stay near water sources where fruits are plenty. There is no specific breeding season, they will mate throughout the year. After a gestation period of 156-162 days, peccaries normally give birth to twins. They form large herds of up […]

Pigeon (Victoria crowned)

Named for the British Monarch Queen Victoria, the Victoria Crowned Pigeon is without doubt a royal bird. Its dusty blue-grey feathers may remind one of the pigeons found on any city street, but the Crowned Pigeon’s elegant blue lace crest, scarlet eyes, and rakish black mask are unlike anything you’ll find in the park. This […]

Pheasant (Vietnamese)

Also known as the Vietnamese fireback pheasant or Vo Quy’s pheasant, the Vietnamese pheasant was discovered in 1964 and is thought to be the rarest pheasant in zoos. Males are dark blue with green feathers on their wings, while females are dark brown with red legs and faces, as can be see in the image […]

Pochard (Rosy-Billed)

The Rosy-billed Pochard, Rosybill, or Rosybill pochard is endemic to South America. It takes its name from the distinctive red bill on males. Females have a slate-coloured bill. It is a highly social species that flocks even during the breeding season. They spend more time ashore than other pochards. Though classified as a diving duck, […]

Pheasant (Reeve’s)

Reeve’s pheasant is found in a range of mountain forests, especially the dense oak forests of Central china where it is found in flocks of 6-10 individuals depending on the time of year. The larger groups which assemble over winter usually disperse with the arrival of the breeding season in the spring. Males establish and […]

Partridge (Roul Roul)

The roul roul partridge is also known as the crested wood partridge, red-crowned wood partridge, green wood quail or green wood partridge, and males are easily recognisable by their spectacular red crest. This small, relatively plump partridge species is found in the lowland rainforests of Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra and Borneo, where it lives singly […]

Pochard (Red-Crested)

The Red-crested pochard is a large diving duck which breeds in lowland marshes and lakes in southern Europe and Central Asia. They winter in India and Africa. The adult male is unmistakable. It has a rounded orange head, red bill and black breast. The female is pale brown, with darker back and crown and white […]