Goose (red-breasted)

The migratory Red-breasted Geese breed in arctic Europe (Northern Siberia on the Taomyr peninsula) and winter in south eastern Europe (Eastern Romania at the edge of the Black Sea). The small Red-breasted Geese has a black, reddish-brown and white plumage; with a mostly black back and top of the head and face, except for the […]

Gecko (Tokay)

The Tokay gecko of Asia is one of the largest of the 2,000 or so gecko species around the world. They inhabit the tropical forest through Asia where they are found living on trees and cliffs. They have specially adapted feet to help them to cling to vertical surfaces. Each of the four feet have […]

Gibbon (Lar)

Lar gibbons are apes, which mean that, unlike monkeys, they don’t have a tail. They have a hairy body, except for buttocks, where they have ischial callosities or sitting pads. This distinguishes these so-called Lesser Apes from the Great Apes which lack them. A gibbon’s coat can be almost any colour from black and dark […]

Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are a domesticated species of rodent from the cavy family. Despite their name they are not pigs, nor do they come from Guinea. The species actually originated in the Andes where they were first domesticated as early 5000 BC. How the animals came to be called pigs is not clear. They are built […]


Giraffe often form small scattered herds of up to 10 animals, with young males living together in bachelor groups. Males become solitary as they mature, with dominant males spending most of their time seeking females in season. Female giraffe are pregnant for 15 months, and give birth standing up meaning their young fall two metres […]


Geladas’ live in a complex society based on family groups of up to 14 females and their young and up to four adult males. Families, along with all-male bands of up to 15, often congregate in huge groups of around 500 animals. They live at high altitude in the mountains of Ethiopia, sleeping at night […]

Goat (African Pygmy)

The African pygmy goat is a small domestic breed of goat that is alert and gregarious by nature. They tend to be more robust and breed more continually throughout the year than more common dairy or meat goats, and, despite their smaller size, produce large amounts of milk and meat. They have a full coat […]