Boa (Dumeril’s Ground)

The Dumeril’s ground boa is a large, heavy bodied, ground snake that has mottled brown, tan and black bodies to help them camouflage to with fallen leaves on the ground. Like most snakes, they have a forked tongue to detect scents and locate prey. They typically feed on small mammals, birds, or lizards, and play […]

Bush dog

Bush Dogs originate from Central and South America and live in the forests and wet savannahs. They are diurnal animals and when living in the wild they would spend the night curled up sleeping in a den either dug by themselves or in a hollow tree trunk. Bush Dogs are said to be one of […]


Binturongs are also known as a bearcats, although they are not related to either bears or cats! Instead, they are related to civets and fossas. They are an arboreal, tree dwelling, species from South and Southeast Asia. Binturongs have scent glands under their tail which they use to mark out branches and foliage in their territory. […]

Boa (Madagascar Tree Boa)

This species of snake is endemic to the north and west of the Island of Madagascar where it is found in both the tropical rainforest and tropical dry forests. It is a medium-sized constrictor growing to about 2 metres in length. They have heat sensitive pits around the mouth, which together with the tongue are […]

Boa (Jamaican)

The Jamaican boa, is as its name suggests, restricted to the island of Jamaica and is one of 10 closely related snakes found in Central and South America and the Caribbean. It should not be confused with the common boa constrictor which is an entirely different snake found throughout Central and South American forests. They […]

Boa (Brazilian rainbow)

The rainbow boa is a ground dwelling snake which prefers to live at the edges of forests and rocky areas. They are active at dawn and dusk, an activity pattern referred to as crepuscular. They are ambushers and constrictors and feed on a range of small mammals birds and lizards. Like the majority of boas […]

Bat (Egyptian fruit bat)

The Egyptian fruit bat is found across sub-Saharan Africa across the Middle east and into N. India and Pakistan where it inhabits tropical rainforests, tropical deciduous forest, dry scrub forest and savanna . They do however prefer forest habitats with ample fruit production near the caves which they use as roosts. They are medium sized […]

Bat (Seba’s short-tailed bat)

Seba’s short-tailed bats are small, gregarious and social leaf-nosed bats which are found through Central and S America as far as Paraguay and S. Brazil. They are normally found in forested areas where they spend the days roosting in caves or hollow trees. A roost may consist of 10 to 100 bats. Seba’s short-tailed bats […]