Inca turns 36!

Happy Birthday to our Asiatic black bear, Inca, who turns 36 years-old today!


Section Leader, Jay Haywood, said: “Inca is in such good condition for her age. She’s got more than ten years on the typical life expectancy for a wild Asiatic black bear and continues to amaze us, passing her yearly thorough health checks with flying colours.

“She’s definitely slowing down now, but who can blame her – she is the official title holder for the oldest Asiatic black bear in Europe after all – but she still manages to get to her favourite spot at the top of her climbing frame for a snooze in the sunshine.

“She’s much-loved by staff and visitors and we’re delighted to allow Inca to live out her twilight years in comfort here at DZG.”

Thanks to Sam and Steve Weaver for the photos!

And we’ve got a great birthday surprise for Inca… She’s going to get underfloor heating in the outdoor area of her enclosure thanks to the generous support from mobile casino company, mFortune.

Watch this space…