Inca gets a manicure!

Keepers turned beauticians to give 100kg Asiatic black bear, Inca, a manicure.

Assistant Curator, Richard Brown, said: “Bear claws grow very rapidly and although they can wear them down naturally themselves by digging and climbing, Inca is a very old bear, so needs a bit of help these days, as she’s not as active as she used to be.”


DZG vet, Peter Stewart, sedated 33-year-old Inca before getting to work with an oversized pair of nail clippers to trim back her claws.


While Inca was asleep keepers were also able to give her a full health check

Richard added: “Inca is in very good health for an elderly bear, she’s just slowing down a bit now, but she still manages to clamber on top of her climbing frame and catch forty winks in the sun when she can.”

web_dzg_inca_bear1_2   web_dzg_inca_bear1_2

                           BEFORE                                                 AFTER