Hunting for eggs!

Primate keepers made sure Bornean orangutans, Jazz and Sprout, weren’t left out of DZG’s Easter celebrations.

Keeper Sian-Leigh Simner, made colourful egg-themed enrichment, so the pair could enjoy their own egg hunt – orang style!

Sian-Leigh said: “I made papier mâché eggs, which we filled with pieces of their favourite fruit and primate pellets, before hiding them around the orangs’ outdoor climbing frame.

“They discovered the first egg as soon as they came outside and then there was no stopping them as they hunted round to find them all.

“Once they found all the eggs they ripped them open and devoured the treats inside.”

And males Jorong and Benji didn’t miss out on the fun either, as they each had their own handmade eggs to enjoy too!

Enrichment within a zoo environment is hugely beneficial for animal welfare by stimulating and encouraging natural behaviours.

DZG staff use a variety of enriching items with our animals, including hessian sacks, cardboard boxes, boomer balls, perfumes, spices and leaves.

We’re aiming to build a new outdoor enclosure for our orangutans and have launched an appeal to help raise £800,000, with work set to begin within three years.
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