Hunted returns to DZG!

Radio reporter, Michelle Dawes, dashed to Dudley Castle yesterday morning to discover a clue for BBC WM’s Hunted programme.

dzg_raf_flag_2_web_1Michelle had five clues to solve in three hours to track down someone in the Black Country and Birmingham.

Her third clue found in Sandwell read: “Over half of the Silurian system was found near here. Roy and Andrew would call this place home; step right up to the challenge to get in pole position” sending her to the 11th century castle in the heart of Dudley’s zoological gardens.

With time ticking, Michelle dashed up the castle’s 52 steps with DZG Presenter, Langan Turner, where she discovered her final clue attached to the flagpole at the very top, sending her off to Baggeridge Country Park with just under 20 minutes to spare.

Catch the show on iplayer:


           Well done, Michelle!