Howler baby four!

There’s another new arrival in the Small Primate House with the birth of our fourth black howler monkey.


The youngster was born on September 17 to mum, Avyanna and dad, Dargie and joins big brothers, 26-month-old Arie, 16-month-old Becks and nine-month-old Tyson.

Keeper Sam Grove, said: “The baby is doing really well, Avyanna is such an experienced mother now, so she’s coping brilliantly at caring for the newborn as well as keeping a close eye on the antics of the three other boys.


“We won’t know the sex for a few more weeks, as the youngster will remain with her for quite a while.”

Black howler monkeys, so called because of their unique howling call, are one of the largest species of primate found in Central and South America.