Hoppy Rabbit Day!

Hoppy International Rabbit Day from Otis, Bran, Snowball, Snowflake, Velvet, Jo, Celine, Amelie and Fleur – DZG’s nine beautiful bunnies.

And our biggest bunny Otis – who weighed 6.10kg when he hopped on the scales earlier this week – was getting excited about having lots of visitors throughout the special day.

Senior Keeper Lesley Lewis said: “Our rabbits are very popular and young visitors especially love stroking them and watching them jump about.

“We’ve got some bunny colouring pages in the barn too and will be talking to visitors about how to care for rabbits in case they decide to get one of their own as a pet one day.”

Otis and Bran are our two British Giant rabbits, we have two Mini Lops called Snowball and Snowflake, a Mini Rex called Velvet and a Lionhead named Jo.

Then there’s two French Lops called Celine and Amelie and a Continental Giant called Fleur.

Hope you can hop by today!