Hopping mad for carrots!

Giant English rabbit, Otis, is going hopping mad with excitement today – as it’s International Carrot Day!


The big bunny who weighs in at a whopping 6kg (14Ib) – pictured above with Senior Keeper Lesley Lewis – is one of eight giants down on the farm, who alongside two mini lops, one lionhead and one rex rabbit, alpacas, goats and guinea pigs, munch their way through hundreds of tasty carrots a week.


But it’s not just the farm animals who have the crunchy root vegetable as a staple diet ingredient, as our storemen distribute 205kg of carrots per week throughout the 40-acre site for the majority of our 1,500 animals to enjoy or play with – as this cheeky Asiatic otter demonstrates!

Celebrated for the last 13 years around the world, International Carrot Day aims to raise awareness of the benefits of carrots!


Did you know…

·       The carrot is a member of the parsley family

·       The vegetable was first grown for medicine, not food!  

·       During the tenth century people were using wild carrot to ease childbirth

If you’re visiting DZG during the Easter holidays, remember to see our big bunnies on the farm – and why not see how many animals you can spot munching on carrots as you tour the site!