High praise for DZG

Step-mum and step-daughter Francesca and Beki Taylor couldn’t speak highly enough of DZG when they turned Keepers for a Day.


Francesca and Beki – pictured above – from Burton-on-Trent had a fantastic time handling owls, feeding penguins and couldn’t believe they got so close to our Sumatran tigers.

Step-mum Francesca Taylor said: “The day was so fantastic and we were really chuffed when we got to feed the tigers Daseep and Joao.

“We never thought we would be able to get that close to the animals and it was incredible.”

Francesca was given the experience from her husband as a Christmas present and Beki, aged 28, was treated to the day as a birthday gift.

Francesca added: “The staff were absolutely amazing. They are so keen and interested in the animals and it really came across.”