He’s a stunner!

How stunning is our newest feathered friend? He’s a Lilac-breasted roller called Trev!

The beautiful bird, who is blue, lilac, white and brown in colour arrived from Birdworld in Hampshire six months ago but has only gone on show to visitors this week in the Triple Aviaries.

Section Leader Nicola Wright said: “Lilac-breasted rollers are native to sub-Saharan Africa, so we’ve waited for the weather to begin getting warmer until letting him into the outside aviary.

“He’s such a striking bird and I’ve wanted one in our collection for years, as they’re not kept in many zoos, so I’m really pleased to have him here and hopefully we can source a female to pair him with in the future.”

Listed as Least Concern, the roller gets its name from its impressive courtship ritual, which is a fast rocking and rolling flight.

They eat grasshoppers, beetles and small amphibians and will sweep down to hunt from the ground, aggressively battering their prey before swallowing it whole.