Here come the trolley dollies . . .

Meet the trolley dollies with a difference – their daily flights take off from Dudley Castle courtyard and see birds of prey head for the skies after being transported to the 11th century runway in bespoke wheeled containers. 

DZG-trolley-dollies-webPresenter Kellie Piper said: “It creates quite a stir with visitors, they are fascinated when we explain that the birds are trained to sit in the boxes for the journey to the courtyard.”

Kellie came up with the designs for the containers when DZG increased the number of birds taking part in the popular twice-a-day displays.

She added:?”When we had just one bird on display we would take it on a gloved hand to the show, but as we now have two birds in the morning session and three in the afternoon, we needed a different way of transporting them.”

She supplied the blueprints to DZG volunteer carpenters Geoff Benbow and Rob Jurczenko to make two boxes which fit together on a trolley to collect the birds from their aviaries.

The flying displays take place in the courtyard and in the site’s Go Wild! Theatre where a hawk, a buzzard, a falcon, a brown owl and an African spotted eagle owl thrill visitors. 

CAPTION: Trolley dollies: Presenter Kellie Piper (left) and Sian Delve with the bird trolleys that were made by volunteer carpenters Geoff Benbow and Rob Jurczenko.