Herbs, spice and all things nice!

Trainee Keeper, Jess Jones, loves baking cakes for her colleagues but this week it was the turn of Carpathian lynx, Daisy and Dave, to benefit from her treats, as she surprised them with an enrichment bag of herbs and spices.


Jess, who is based on the farm, said: “As part of my college coursework I looked at big cat enrichment using different smells.

“I used to buy lots of different things and observe their reactions to each one. Daisy loved perfume, but Dave didn’t really interact with anything, so even though my course has finished, I decided to buy herbs and spices instead of cake ingredients this week and see if I can find anything he likes.”

Assistant Curator, Richard Brown, said: “We are always grateful for Jess’s generosity. Not only does she treat as many of the animals around the zoo site as she can with enrichment toys and activities; but she also helps keep our energy levels up with delicious homemade cakes as well!”