Herbs and spices shoutout!

If you’re having a pre-Christmas clear out of your kitchen cupboards, our big cats would love any of your unwanted herbs and spices!

Herbs and spices are great enrichment for the likes of our Asiatic lions, Sumatran tigers, snow leopards and even other carnivore species such as our Arctic foxes, encouraging them to use natural behaviours of tracking, foraging and hunting, but our stocks are running low.

Any herbs and spices will do, as we find individual animals react differently to certain smells and tastes, so we like to use as many varieties as possible.

Donations can be dropped off into the Safari Shop and we’re happy to accept opened jars and packets.

We’ve also got herbs and spices on our Amazon wishlist, which is full of items especially chosen by our keepers for our animals, which are delivered directly to us.

If you’d like to play Santa to some of our species, CLICK HERE.

Thanks in advance for any support!