Help us survey nature!

We’re encouraging visitors to help us document nature during a summer-long BioBlitz, which we’re kicking off this weekend with the 2023 City Nature Challenge.

Alongside other collections around the UK, we’ve signed up to BIAZA’s Spotted on Site campaign, to record native flora and fauna which call the 40-acre zoo their home.

And we’re asking for visitors to the zoo to help us survey and collect data, which in turn will assist us in conserving local species.

And to kickstart our surveying, we’re taking part in the four-day global City Nature Challenge this weekend (it runs from today, April 28 until Monday, May 1), as part of the Birmingham and Black Country area, which last year made more wildlife observations than any other UK area and came second in Europe!

To take part in both campaigns, visitors need to download the iNaturalist app on their phones and photograph native wildlife not only during their visit to DZC, but also living in and around our local area, including insects, birds and plants.

The photo needs to be then uploaded to the app, where it will be officially recorded and reviewed by a specialist.

It’s a great activity for all ages to get out and about and observe and survey nature, so why not have a go!

Find out more about this weekend’s City Nature Challenge HERE.