Help enhance our enclosures

DZG keepers are hoping to enhance our reptile enclosures by appealing for artificial plants.

DZG jay plants

Not only does the fake greenery look good for visitors, but they also provide enrichment for the likes of our snakes, lizards, iguanas, dragons and geckos by giving them additional places to explore.

Assistant Curator, Jay Haywood, pictured above with Jane the rhinoceros iguana, said: “We find it very difficult to keep real plants in the Reptile House as we have to keep the temperature at a constant high temperature for our animals.

“Artificial plants are easy to clean, won’t wilt in the heat and also give the reptiles extra hiding places.

“Any donations of unwanted greenery will be gratefully received and we’ll take all shapes and sizes.”

Donations can be dropped off at the main zoo entrance inside the Safari Gift Shop.