Hello Twenké and Dora!

Say hello to Twenké and Dora, our new bush dogs, who have spent the last few days exploring their new-look habitat.

Brought together as a breeding pair, both dogs arrived within days of each other last week, with one-year-old male, Twenké, joining us first from Thoiry ZooSafari in France, while five-year-old female, Dora, was sent from Chester Zoo.

Over the last few months our in-house Development Team, alongside contractors have been busy redeveloping the space for the new arrivals, building new dens and indoor visitor viewing, as well as adding outdoor dens, platforms, enrichment feeders and tunnels to the outdoor hilly terrain, alongside a 3,000-gallon pool complete with underwater viewing for visitors to spot the semi-aquatic species.

The old mesh perimeter fencing has also been replaced with wooden panelling and large glass windows, as well as bubble porthole windows for younger visitors to spy the bush dogs through.

A near threatened species, bush dogs are native to Central and South America, but are losing their habitat for farming.

Thought to look more like a badger or otter than a member of the dog family, bush dogs are adapted to a semi-aquatic life with webbed feet, short legs and short, bushy tail.

Did you know they’re also nicknamed vinegar dogs because they produce a strong scent that resembles the acidic liquid!