Hello little Lucas!

DZG Keepers have discovered our baby Patagonian mara is a boy – and have named him Lucas.


ABOVE – Lovely little Lucas is doing brilliantly at DZG

The youngster – named after one of the top boy’s names in Argentina where the rodents live – has just been sexed and microchipped by Keepers.

Lucas, born to mum Martha and dad Lenny, made his entrance into the world at the zoo on June 23 and is doing very well.

Senior Keeper Sarah Evans said: “Lucas is a healthy male and is very active.

“Mara are classed as near-threatened on the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red Data List so we are thrilled Lucas has arrived safely and is making such good progress.”

His dad Lenny got his name in honour of Black Country actor, comedian and DZG friend, Lenny Henry, after the star completed the voiceover for a short 1950s-style film about our zoo.

Mara are large rodents, closely related to the Guinea pig. They are also known as Patagonian cavies or hares.


webdzg_baby_mara_3_0The Patagonian mara is the third largest rodent species after the capybara and beaver

Maras can walk, hop like a rabbit, gallop and bounce on all fours – known as stotting – because their rear legs are longer than their forelegs