Hello, Joe!

Our second baby Bornean orangutan is another boy, who keepers have named ‘JOE’ in a touching tribute to his maternal grandfather and great-grandfather.

The youngster who was born to 11-year-old female, Sprout, on July 23, continues to be reared by Sprout’s mum, Jazz, alongside her own month-old baby boy, Jim, after her daughter struggled with first-time motherhood.

And Sprout remains happy for Jazz to carry on taking responsibility for her grandson.

Zoo Director Derek Grove, said: “Sprout’s late father, Jorong and grandfather, Joe, were both lovely alpha males and primate keepers were keen to acknowledge their significance in Dudley Zoo’s breeding success for the critically endangered species by naming our newest baby, Joe, which we feel is a fitting legacy to them both.

“We’re looking forward to watching what antics Joe and Jim get up to together in the future.”

Dad to both new arrivals is 34-year-old Djimat, with Joe’s birth bringing the number of DZC’s orangutans to six, with solitary male, Benji, living adjacent to the family group.