Hello, Jasmine!

Our youngest reindeer is now four weeks old and keepers have discovered we’ve got another girl, who they’ve named Jasmine.


Jasmine was born to 13 year-old mum, Blizzard on August 14 and caused excitement as she was the second baby we had born this summer out of season, following half-sister, Sunflower, who was born on July 19.

Apprentice Keeper, Ellis Robinson, said: “Jasmine is doing really well and has really increased in size over the last few weeks. She’s very friendly and always comes up to say hello to us.

“She especially loves tearing around the enclosure, playing with Sunflower and Sunflower’s mum, Lily, who also happens to be Jasmine’s half-sister, as they share the same mum!”

DZG reindeer - Sunflower and Jasmine

Jasmine and Sunflower – Jasmine’s the smaller one of the two!

Their unusually timed births coincide with the arrival of dad, Ghost, who only came to DZG shortly before Christmas last year but got straight down to business!

Reindeer rutting season is typically around this time of year and Ghost is now entering his annual rut.

Ellis added: “During this time the bulls can become aggressive as they become protective of the females in their herd as they begin to breed.

“For our own safety and theirs, we make sure we don’t go into the paddock with the reindeer during this time, especially also considering the size of Ghost’s antlers at the moment.

“But fingers crossed Jasmine and Sunflower will have a few more siblings to play with next year!”