Hello, Dorrie!

DZG’s newest Presenter is quickly making friends with residents in the Discovery Centre.


Twenty-three-year-old Dorrie Hall, from Leicestershire, is familiar with the zoo site after completing a research project on DZG’s orang utans a few years ago 

Dorrie said: “I’m really, really enjoying it here at DZG and have already gained a soft spot for Shadow the ferret, who I used in my first Go Wild Show!”

She has joined the education team in providing the daily animal talks and presentations across the site as well as helping teach the diverse educational programme to visiting school groups.

Dorrie added: “I love finding out about animals, so this is a great opportunity to learn more about all the different animal species that I didn’t know about before.

“In my previous job the keepers gave the animal talks, so it’s brilliant that I can do that and help inform visitors all about the wonderful species that we have here at DZG.”

CEO Peter Suddock said: “We are pleased to welcome Dorrie to DZG and hope she’ll work with our Presentation team to expand the range of exciting activities and experiences we offer.”