Heather’s hedgehog

dscn7487_0Presenter Heather John returned to DZG with one critter more than she left with for a recent Outreach visit.

Heather led a Creature Feature at Cradley Heath Library but came back with an extra hedgehog – although this one won’t need food or water like lesser hedgehog tenrecs Eccles, as it’s actually a little knitted hedgehog given to Heather as a thank you present!

Heather said: “The hedgehogs were being made as part of the craft activities at the library and they gave one to me – I love it!

“The session went really well and everyone seemed to enjoy meeting the animals.”

As part of the one-hour workshop Heather introduced the library visitors to a rainbow boa, Madagascan hissing cockroach, giant African land snail, blue-tongued skink, ferret, rats and a chinchilla.